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Mean Well LPS 160 160 W power supply
Mean Well XBG 240 LED 240 W driver
Johnson Electric size 150 STA tubular solenoids
Kemet pyroelectric flame sensors
PUI Audio DMM omnidirectional microphones
Pioroni PIM480 SGP30 sensor breakout board
STMicroelectronics ESDL031 1BF4 Bi-directional ESD protection
MPS PP2018 Linear Regulators
Murata IRE Q12 Encapsulated DC to DC converters
Panasonic DS Film Capacitors
MPI2010V1 Eaton Miniature Power Inductors
TC78H660FTG Toshiba Dual H Bridge Driver
Toshiba TC78H670FTG Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver
Toshiba TB67H451FNG Brushed DC Motor Driver
Bourns ZV and ZVHT SMD Low Voltage Varistors
Microchip Hello FPGA Kit
Molex HAQ Air Quality Monitor
Toshiba TLP310xA Photo relays f
Vishay TNPE e3 Flat Chip Resistors
LED Lighting Development Tools by Diodes Incorporated
Kemet Infrared Pyroelectric Sensors
TE Connectivity MS5839 02BA digital temperature and pressure sensor
Sparkfun Qwiic Shield for Arduino Nano
Bosch BHI260AB low power intelligent sensor
ON Semiconductor NVTFS9DP04M8L P-channel MOSFETs
Sparkfun micro bit wheater board
Diodes Incorporated protection ICs
Diodes Incorporated PICG33x Generation 4 5 clock generators
STmicroelecrtronics VIPER222 high voltage converter
MA40H1S R Murata's Ultrasonic Sensors
SN74LVC1G17 Q1 Schmitt Triggers from Texas Instruments
LDC1001 Q1 Texas Inductance to digital Converters
TPS723x Texas Low Voltage Regulators
TIRSLK EVM Texas robotic system lab kit
QPA9154 Qorvo broadband gain block
RV 8263 C7 Micro Crystal Real Time Clock Modules
Molex Bluetooth and WiFi antennas
WE HIDA Wurth High Current Inductors
Vishay Beyschlag MFU Fuses
TAS2110 Class D Amplifiers with Digital Input from Texas Instruments
SEN0318 DFRobot air quality sensor
AST SMT Mallory Sonalert Transducers
MLX90640 Adafruit IR Thermal Camera Brakout Board
ADP5360 PMIC battery management by Linear Technology
DFR0645 4 LED display module from DFRobot
NCP730 LDO CMOS Regulator
LSM303AGR Adafruit Accelerometer Breakout Board
LPS33HW Adafruit pressure sensor Breakout board
TDK NTCRP thermistor
Optical sensors from Vishay

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