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Amphenol Commercial USB 4 Gen 3 Type C Connectors
Pletronics Inc SM7S Low-Frequency Crystals
ROHM Semiconductor RBQxxBGE Schottky Barrier Diodes
Vishay Siliconix SIHFPS Super-247 Power MOSFETs
Pimoroni PIM523 RGB Potentiometer Breakout Board
GeneSiC 1700 V SiC Schottky Diodes
Texas Instruments DRV8426 Texas Instruments Stepper Motor Driver
Texas Instruments AMC3330 Precision Isolated Amplifier
Ohmite CS10 Precision Current Sensor Resistors
NJR NJM2762 Audio Limiter
Texas Instruments INA848 Fixed Gain Instrumentation Amplifier
Abracom I538 temperature compensated crystal oscillators
Texas Instruments LV14360 60V x 3A Step Down Regulator
Texas Instruments SN74HCS153 Q1 4 to 1 Multiplexers
Texas Insrtruments LM7480x Ideal Diode Controller
Texas Instruments TLV902x and TLV903x Precision Comparators
Texas Instruments TLV904x Micropower Operational Amplifiers
Ohmite TGHE 100W Resistors
Texas Instruments SN74HCS157 Q1 2 to 1 Multiplexers
Analog Devices ADRF6521 Dual Variable Gain Amplifier
Texas Instruments TPS61378 Q1 Texas Instruments Synchronized Boost Converter
Texas Instruments TPS92663A Q1 High Brightness Array Manager
Maxim MAX20444B 4-Channel Backlight Driver
Osram E3323 RGB LEDs OSIRE Series
Texas Instruments TL08xx FET Input Operational Amplifiers
Texas Instruments TPS54J060 Synchronized Buck Converters
Vishay MKP1847C AC filter film capacitors
Maxim MAX25301A and B Automotive LDOs
Texas Instruments TPS63900 Texas Instruments Synchronized Buck Boost Converter
Maxim MAX16984E Automotive Step Down Converters
Maxim Automotive Buck Controllers
Texas Instruments SN65LVDS302 serial display interface receiver
Texas Instruments SN65LVDS301 27-bit parallel to serial transmitter
Maxim MAX17623 and MAX17624 Evaluation Kits
Texas Instruments LMH9135 single output differential amplifier
BD800M5Wxxx C LDH Regulators from ROHM
STMicroelectronics T810T 8G Logic level triggered 8A Triacs
Microchip MCP6V86 and 6UT Zero Drift Operational Amplifiers
Toshiba TCR3UF Linear CMOS LDO Integrated Circuits
Toshiba SSM6L56FE Toshiba P and N Channel
Texas Instruments DRV8436 Stepper Motor Driver
NXP PCA9959 Lighting LED Driver
Maxim MAX77831 High Efficiency Buck Boost Converter
Analog Devices LT3966 Quadruple LED Driver
STMicroelectronics STISO621 digital two-channel isolators
Maxim MAX38802 and 803 switched step-down regulators
Maxim MAX40204 current sensor amplifier
Maxim MAX40214 Transimpedance Amplifier
ST Microelectronics TSV78x Rail to Rail Operational Amplifiers
STMicroelectronics L7983 step down switched regulators

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