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Texas Instruments Jacinto 7 Processors
Qorvo QPF4591 5.0GHz Wi-Fi® 6 Dual-Path Front End Module
Walsin MG Automotive Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
KEMET Electronics AEC-Q200 Qualified SuperCapacitors
CUI Inc 2W DC DC Converters
SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout FS3000 (Qwiic)
Eaton MOVTP Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistors
Hartland Controls Littelfuse HCT 40VA 50VA 75VA Transformers
Littelfuse MEGA 70V-SF51 High Performance (HP) Fuses
Silicon Labs EFM8BB51 and EFM8BB52 Busy Bee 8-Bit MCUs
Texas Instruments ADC08DJ5200RF 8-Bit ADC Converter
Digilent MCC 152 Voltage and DIO DAQ Hat for Raspberry Pi
Diodes Incorporated AP64200Q Automotive Synchronous Buck Converter
Littelfuse SP1064E TVS Diode Arrays
NJR NJM8087 Operational Amplifier
Texas Instruments DLP651NE DLP 1080p HSSI DMD
Microchip Technology maXTouch-1066 node Touchscreen Controllers
Nexperia LFPAK56D Half-Bridge MOSFETs
Texas Instruments TPS548B27 20A Step-Down Converter
Renesas Electronics RAA214401 Linear Regulators
Torex Semiconductor XDL60x Step-down micro DC-DC Converters
onsemi NXH006P120MNF2PTG Half Bridge SiC Module
Phoenix Contact IP67 Power Supplies
Infineon Technologies TLE9351SJ High Speed CAN FD Transceiver
CUI Inc PDSE1-S Unregulated DC-DC Converters
Analog Devices Inc. ADG7421F Dual Single-Pole/Single-Throw Switch
Omron Industrial Automation D41D Family Safety Door Switches
Monolithic Power Systems MP3362 Boost LED Driver
Analog Devices In. LTM4656LTM4656 1 Synch Boost μModule Regulators
Würth Elektronik Multilayer Ceramic Inductors
Texas Instruments CDCDB800EVM Clock Buffer Evaluation Module
NXP Semiconductors FRDMGD3160XM3EVM Half-Bridge Evaluation Kit
Mini-Circuits BFCQ LTCC Bandpass Filters
Analog Devices Inc LTM4655 Demonstration Circuit
BI Technologies - TT Electronics Space-Saving Potentiometers & Encoders
Toshiba TB67S539FTG Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver IC
Würth Elektronik Thermal Management Solutions
onsemi FAN2510xx Synchronous Buck Regulators with PMBUS
Cosel STMGFS80 80W Isolated Unit Type DC DC Converters
Vishay Dale RH/NH Chassis Mount Industrial Wirewound Resistors
Murata GRM Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
TDK SPM-VC-D Automotive Inductor
TDK AML Choke Coils
Amphenol LTW X-LOK Push-Lock Mini Size Connectors with LED
Analog Devices Inc. LTC7805 Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Analog Devices Inc. LTC3337 Primary Battery State of Health Monitor
Eaton PTSA Automotive Resettable PTC Fuses
ROHM Semiconductor RN142VM PIN Diodes
ROHM Semiconductor BSS138B Nch 60V 400mA Small Signal MOSFETs

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