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Analog Devices ADuM4221 Isolated Gate Driver for Half Bridge
Kemet C4AF Radial film filter capacitors
Maxim MAX17691A and MAX17691B Isolated Flyback Converters
Maxim MAX49140 Rail to Rail Comparator
Infineon CoolSiC MOSFETs
Diodes Incorporated AP62150 Synchronized Buck Converter
Toshiba TC75S102F Operational Amplifier
Toshiba SSM6N951L FET
Toshiba TLP348x Opto relays with optical couplers
Kemet K52P Film Capacitors
Texas Instruments LMH32401 High Speed Transimpedance Amplifier
Comchip US1xHF Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers
Texas Instruments HDC2022 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Texas Instruments OPA2182 High Precision Operational Amplifier
Apex PA10 High Temperature Power Amplifier
Apex PA09 2 A power amplifier
Apex PA85 High Voltage Operational Amplifier
Apex SA160A 10A H Bridge Motor Driver
Vishay VCNL3030X01 Proximity Sensors
STMicroelectronics SP50N60DM6 Power MOSFETs
Voltronics V2888 Non-Magnetic High Voltage Trimmer
Murata MYMGM DC to DC MonoBK Converters
WeEn BYC30Y 600P Ultra Fast Power Diode
Texas Instruments SN74HCS137 Q1 Demultiplexer 3 from 8 Line Decoder
Diodes Incorporated P64350Q Buck Converter
Texas Instruments SN74HCS264 Q1 Shift register with parallel output from
Texas Instruments SN74HCS266 Q1 Four exclusive OR gates
Mean Well SKMW15 and DKMW15 15W Regulated DC Converters
Texas Instruments SN20HCS05 and SN74HCS05 Q1 Hex Inverters
Texas Instruments PCM1840 analog to digital audio converter
Texas Insrtuments LM3610 Q1 Step Down Converters
Samsung CL03A224 Super small capacitors
The Air Quality Sensor SGP40 (ART547bE)
Samsung CL05A106 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Texas Instruments TSA5441 Q1 Class D Audio Amplifier
Texas Instruments THP210 Complete Differential Amplifier
Texas Instruments TLV740P LDO
Maxim MAX25210 Automotive Linear Voltage Regulator
Cree HM3 1200 V Half Bridge Modules
Maxim MAX17701 Supercapacitor Charger Controller
ITT Cannon Nano Connectors
Ultraviolet LED Linear Modules (ART545bE)
ON Semiconductor NTTFS008P03P8z P Channel Power MOSFETs
LSB1 12G08 Linear Ultraviolet C Modules
Duracell Lithium Batteries
Vishay NC20 Thin Film Resistors
Lumileds Rubix Color LUXEON LED line
ST Microelectronics BlueNRG 2N Processors wireless BLE network coprocessors
KEMET R75H AEC Q200 Film Capacitors
Infineon low-loss IGBTs

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