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Murata LFL Low-Pass Filters
Advanced Thermal Solutions ATS-HK379-R0 High-Performance Cooler Backing Plate
KEMET Electronics C4AS Power Film Capacitors
TDK InvenSense T3903 Multi-Mode Microphone
Bourns CDDFN6-3312P Surface-Mount TVS Diode Array
NXP Semiconductors TEA2209T Active Bridge Rectifier Controller
Analog Devices Inc. ADRV9004 Dual Narrow/Wideband RF Transceiver
Maxim Integrated MAX25606 6-Switch Matrix Manager for LED Lighting
Texas Instruments TLV3601EVM Comparator Evaluation Module (EVM)
Texas Instruments INA234EVM/INA236EVM Evaluation Modules (EVMs)
Mikroe SiBRAIN for PIC24HJ256GP610
Texas Instruments AWR6843AOPEVM mmWave Sensor Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments TPS25946EVM eFuse Evaluation Board
ON Semiconductor Current Sense Amplifiers
Texas Instruments ADC6120EVM-PDK Audio ADC Evaluation Module
Microchip Technology MCP6006/6R/6U/7/9 Operational Amplifiers
Renesas Electronics RV1S92xxA IC Photocouplers
Littelfuse Solar Inverters & Battery Energy Storage Systems
Seeed Studio TF02-i LiDAR Distance Sensor
Renesas Electronics Motor Control Evaluation System for RAJ306010
GCT (Global Connector Technology) aquanex® Waterproof Connectors
Ohmite TX Thick Film Chip Thermistors
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors KRTB AILMS1 Micro SIDELED® 3806 LED
ABLIC S-5701 B Series Magnetic Sensor ICs
Microchip Technology HV56264 Quad High Voltage Amplifier Array IC
DFRobot Gravity: Speech Synthesis Module
Eaton MOVS2825 & MOVS4032 Metal Oxide Varistors
Abracon ASPIAIG AEC-Q200 Molded SMD Power Inductors
MEAN WELL NTS-750 750W True Sine Wave DC-AC Power Inverters
Littelfuse 456DE Series High Current NANO2® Fuses
Amphenol MCP PCB Antennas
NJR NJU8759A Filterless Class-D Amplifier
NJR NJM17431 Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator
NJR NJW4105 LDO Regulators
Qorvo QPA2513 S-Band 125W GaN Power Amplifier
Taoglas FMA939 Guardian Response 6-in-1 Antenna
ROHM Semiconductor RGW 650V Field Stop Trench IGBTs
KEMET Electronics Ferrite Core Inductors
Maxim Integrated MAX98396 Audio Amplifier
Maxim Integrated MAX41473/MAX41474 RF Receivers
ROHM Semiconductor BD87582YFVM-C EMARMOUR AEC-Q100 CMOS Op Amp
SparkFun Qwiic Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - HC-SR04
Seeed Studio Grove Smart Agriculture Kits for Raspberry Pi 4
UnitedSiC UF3SCxB7S SiC FETs
MEAN WELL NTS-300 and NTS-450 DC-AC Pure Sine Wave Inverters
TDK ACT1210D Auto Signal Line Common Mode Filter
Nexperia TrEOS Compact 2 in1 ESD Protection Devices
CUI Devices Miniature Slide Switches
Maxim Integrated MAX20461 Automotive Step-Down Converters

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