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Texas Instruments TPS7A2 LDO
Littelfuse SC11xx unidirectional discrete TVS
Diodes Incorporated PI3CSW12 I3C Multiplexer 1 from 2
Texas Instruments OPA856 Low Noise Broadband Operational Amplifier
Texas Instruments TMAG5124 Hall Effect Sensor Switch
Texas Instruments TPL1401 Digital Potentiometer
LED Engin LuxGen LPZ Ultraviolet LEDs
Vishay Surface Mount PTN Resistors
SQ4946CEY Double N-Channel MOSFET by Vishay
MAX77960 Maxim Buck Boost USB Chargers
Lumileds HL2X High Power Emitters Luxeon
ON Semiconductor NVMF015N10MCL Simple N Channel MOSFET
MAX77533 High Efficiency Buck Regulator
MAX32655 Maxim low power wireless microcontroller
ON Semiconductor NTP5D0N15MC MOSFET with Shielded Gate
RSB12 150 mW zener diodes
Analog Devices LT3967 LED lighting driver
AMS TMD2755 Proximity Sensor Module
Voltronics Series J ceramic trimmers
Skeleton Industrial Ultracapacitor Cells
Skeleton Ultracapacitor SkelMod Modules
Current INA281 Sensor Amplifier
Mean Well RSDW20UW and RDDW20UW DC to DC Converters
Sparkfun Prodriver Stepper Motor Driver Kit
MFBM1V multilayer ferrite beads
T50 vPolyTan Polymer capacitors
TL331 TL331B TL391B TL331B Q1 Simple comparators
DS90L028A and Q1 LVDS Line Receivers
ON Semiconductor TLV and NCV272 3MHz Operational Amplifiers
ON Semiconductor NCV8711 ON LDO Regulators with PG
ON Semiconductor NCx20166 Precision Operational Amplifiers
Analog Devices ADuM4221 Isolated Gate Driver for Half Bridge
Kemet C4AF Radial film filter capacitors
Maxim MAX17691A and MAX17691B Isolated Flyback Converters
Maxim MAX49140 Rail to Rail Comparator
Infineon CoolSiC MOSFETs
Diodes Incorporated AP62150 Synchronized Buck Converter
Toshiba TC75S102F Operational Amplifier
Toshiba SSM6N951L FET
Toshiba TLP348x Opto relays with optical couplers
Kemet K52P Film Capacitors
Texas Instruments LMH32401 High Speed Transimpedance Amplifier
Comchip US1xHF Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers
Texas Instruments HDC2022 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Texas Instruments OPA2182 High Precision Operational Amplifier
Apex PA10 High Temperature Power Amplifier
Apex PA09 2 A power amplifier
Apex PA85 High Voltage Operational Amplifier
Apex SA160A 10A H Bridge Motor Driver
Vishay VCNL3030X01 Proximity Sensors

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