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Amphenol FCI FlexLock 3.20mm Pitch FPC-to-Board Connectors
Xenarc 1219 Series 12.1” Touchscreen Displays
Diodes Incorporated AP33510 Quasi-Resonant Flyback GAN Controller
Abracon ACMx Commercial-Grade Common Mode Chokes
Renesas Electronics RSK+ RZ/N2 Development Kit
Phoenix Contact HDMI Connectors & Cables
EPCOS TDK AFA Analog Output Pressure Sensors
KEMET Electronics CHT 260°C C0G High-Temp Class I Dielectric Caps
Microchip Technology SAM G55 Audio Curiosity Board (EV78Y10A)
NXP Semiconductors TEA2093TS GreenChip Synch Rectifier Controller
United Chemi-Con HXF Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors
onsemi NSG1001MX Middle power SPDT RF Switch
STMicroelectronics AIS25BA MEMS Digital Output Motion Sensor
IXYS STP802U2SRP 1.5A Sensitive Dual SCRs
Nexperia 74LVC1G240 Single Inverting Buffer Line Drivers
Bourns PF-N POWrFuse™ Telecom Power Fuses
Texas Instruments TPS63901 Buck-Boost Converter
Texas Instruments TUSB2E11 USB 2.0 eUSB2 Repeater
Texas Instruments TPS92623-Q1 Automotive High-Side LED Driver
Texas Instruments TPS7A15 LDO Voltage Regulators
Pulse Electronics PH9499xCL SMD High-Frequency Power Inductors
Vishay Gen5 600V Hyperfast Rectifiers
Semtech RCLAMP0594 4 Line Surge and ESD Protection
PUI Audio AI Waterproof Piezo Buzzers & Audio Indicators
Phoenix Contact SFP+ Fiber Optic Transceiver
Analog Devices Inc. AD9209 Quad 12-Bit 4GSPS ADC
Apex Microtechnology PA107DP Amplificadores operacionales de potencia
Texas Instruments TPSM63604 Synchronous Buck Power Module
Texas Instruments TLVM13660 6A Buck Power Module
CUI Devices PTN10 Rotary Potentiometers
Nexperia PMEG050V150EPE Low VF Schottky Barrier Rectifier
Analog Devices Inc. LTM4660 Hybrid Step-Down μModule® Bus Converter
Bourns PTVS1-0xxC-H High Current Power TVS Diodes
Renesas Electronics RZ A3UL High Performance CPU
Bourns Model BID Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Amphenol SGX Sensortech Solid Polymer Electrolyte Gas Sensors
Advantech WISE-2410X Explosion Proof Smart Vibration Sensor
Diodes Incorporated PI3A27518Q 1:2 Multiplexer Demultiplexer
Signal Transformer Bel DRC-V Radial Coil Inductors
NMB Technologies Compact Outer Rotor BLDC Motors
NMB Technologies DC Brush Motors with Gearbox
Microchip Technology HV56020 Dual 250V Haptic Drive Amp Array w/ Boost
Microchip Technology HV56022 Dual 250V Haptic Drive Amplifier Array
ECS ECS-480-CDX-2301 48MHz SMD Crystals
Silicon Labs BGM240P Modules
Cincon CFM04S 4W AC-DC Modules
Nexperia PMP3906AYS/-Q PNP/PNP Matched Double Transistors
onsemi NCS2023x and NCV2023x Operational Amplifiers
Amphenol Piher PSE-290 Panel Mount Hall-Effect Rotary Sensors
Nexperia NXT4557 SIM Card Interface Level Translator

Circuit Bench

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