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Trinamic TMCM 3110 3-axis stepper motor driver
Trinamic TMCM6110 6-axis stepper motor driver
Lumissil IS31LT3177 and 78 LED Drivers
STMicroelectronics STPSC31H12C Y DiC SiC diodes
Littelfuse 44ESurface Mount Nano Fuses
Littelfuse SP1250A One-Way TVS Diodes
FLIR TG165 X thermal camera
Qorvo QPA3070 150W RF Amplifiers
Toshiba TLP170AM and TLP170GM Photorelays
R635 Osram R635 Series SMD RGB LED
Nidec SH 7000 coded DIP rotary switches
Nidec WL10 Liquid leakage sensors
Nidec's SMC Trimmers
Llaves CHS y VCS de Nidec Copal
Nidec CAS and CUS Slide Switches
MCC fast recovery diodes
Infineon KP264 barometric sensor
Vishay THB Metallic Propylene Capacitors
AVX AEC Q200 Filter Capacitors
Diodes Incorporated AP64351Q synchronized buck converter
ROHM BD77501G CMOS Operational Amplifier
MAXIM MAX22518 two channel digital isolator
Mikroe H 7 Click Bridge
MCC super Junction MosFETs
MAXIM MAX17760 Step Down DC DC Converter
ROHM BM1Z AC Zero crossing detection
MAXIM MAX20030 1 automotive step down controllers
Renesas IDT OB1203 sensor modules
Diodes Incorporated AP4373A fast charge controller
Vishay IHLD2525GG 5A High Current Inductors
Vishay 170 RVZ radial electrolytic capacitors
Maxim MAX33072E and MAX33073E RS-485 Transceivers
Diodes Incorporated AS2333S 13 Dual CMOS Operational Amplifier
STMicroelectronics IPS160HF and IPS161HF 1-Channel Hi Side Switches
NTCLE350E4 Vishay Isolated NTCs
ULR3N TT Electronics Metal Current Sensors
PAM8823 Diodes Incorporated digital audio amplifier
ROHM BM2P DC to DC PWM Converter
STMicroelectronics IIS2ICLX digital inclinometer
X-NUCLEO-OUT10A - Placa de expansión STM32 de STMicroelectronics
Central Semiconductor CMJA5050 current limiting diodes
Kemet Industrial Electrolytic Capacitors
Taoglas EDGE Starter kit for IoT
ON Semiconductor FAN53527 Switched Voltage Regulator
ON Semiconductor NLVVHC1G66DTT1G analog switch
Texas Instruments DRV8899 Q1EVM stepper motor evaluation module
Arduino Portenta H7
8911 TE Connectivity Wireless Accelerometer
ON Semiconductor NTHL0x0N090SC1 SiC MOSFETs
C&K THB thumbstick switches

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