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Kemet Industrial Electrolytic Capacitors
Taoglas EDGE Starter kit for IoT
ON Semiconductor FAN53527 Switched Voltage Regulator
ON Semiconductor NLVVHC1G66DTT1G analog switch
Texas Instruments DRV8899 Q1EVM stepper motor evaluation module
Arduino Portenta H7
8911 TE Connectivity Wireless Accelerometer
ON Semiconductor NTHL0x0N090SC1 SiC MOSFETs
C&K THB thumbstick switches
Littelfuse AQ3102 Automotive grade TVS diode arrays
STMicroelectronics TSC2012 current sensor amplifier
STMicroelectronics TSZ182H 5M CMOS Operational Amplifier
Vishay PTCEL PTC thermistors
STMicroelectronics ST1PS02 Synchronized step-down converter
TE Connectivity TSYS03 digital temperature sensors
Toshiba GT20N135SRA N Channel IGBT
Maxim MAXM150568 voltage regulator and power module
Maxim MAXM17630, MAXN17631 and MAXM17632 power modules
Maxim MAX86916 optical sensor module
Analog Device ADMV8432 microwave integrated circuit
Renesas reference board for Xilinx Zynq 7000
Infineon HAT ZW audio amplifier
Vishay 152 CME High Voltage Aluminum SMD Capacitors
Sparkfun Xbee 3 Wireless kit
Storm AT1226E ATP Microphones
Bourns BPS3x ambient pressure sensors
NXP PCA9957 LED 24-channel constant current driver
XPT IXYS Fourth Generation Trench IGBTs
Vishay WFPx3939 metal film shunt resistors
TDK EFS surface potential sensors
PUI AS01208MS waterproof speakers
Analog Devices ADcmXL1021 1 Vibration Sensor
Microchip ATEVK MXT1x Development Kits
Texas Instruments TPS92662Q Q1 - LED Array Manager
Texas Instruments TPS2HB50 Q1 High side smart dual switch
Mean Well LPS 160 160 W power supply
Mean Well XBG 240 LED 240 W driver
Johnson Electric size 150 STA tubular solenoids
Kemet pyroelectric flame sensors
PUI Audio DMM omnidirectional microphones
Pioroni PIM480 SGP30 sensor breakout board
STMicroelectronics ESDL031 1BF4 Bi-directional ESD protection
MPS PP2018 Linear Regulators
Murata IRE Q12 Encapsulated DC to DC converters
Panasonic DS Film Capacitors
MPI2010V1 Eaton Miniature Power Inductors
TC78H660FTG Toshiba Dual H Bridge Driver
Toshiba TC78H670FTG Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver
Toshiba TB67H451FNG Brushed DC Motor Driver
Bourns ZV and ZVHT SMD Low Voltage Varistors

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