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Everybody’s Doubts (Q000E)
1A Source and 500mA Load (Q001E)
Transmitter with Longer Antenna (Q002E)
Cell Phone Radiation (Q003E)
Low Sound in a Remote Box (Q004E)
More Powerful Speaker (Q005E)
Increasing the power of an Amplifier (Q006E)
16 V capacitors in 12V circuits (Q008E)
More Speakers in an Amplifier (Q009E)
Battery Current (Q010bE)
Old and Modern Speakers - Problems with Amplifiers (Q011bE)
Transistor Suffixes (Q011E)
LED Power Supply (Q012bE)
Creating Energy (Q013bE )
Electronic Bulbs and Dimmer (Q014bE)
Transformerless Power Supplies (Q014E)
Higher Power Speaker (Q015E)
No Reach Transmitter (Q016E)
Increasing the Power of an Amplifier (Q017E)
Old Electrolytic Capacitors (Q018E)
16 V Capacitors in 12 V Circuits (Q019E)
Polyester or Ceramic Capacitors (Q020E)
1N4002 or 1N4004 Diodes (Q021E)
Transistors without Type Indicatio (Q022E)
More Speakers in an Amplifier (Q023E)
Wireless Telephone Interference in the Computer (Q024E)
Power Supply for LED (Q026E)
Electronic Lamps & Dimmers (Q028E)
Transformers Current (Q029E)
Lamp Filament Resistance (Q030E)
Discovering DC Motors Characteristics (Q031E)
Welding in Aluminum (Q032E)
Best Ambient Sound (Q033E)
Where to store batteries (Q034E)
Electrolytic Capacitors Voltages (Q035E)
Incandescent Lamps becoming Yello (Q036E)
Changing the Color of an LED (Q038E)
Headlight with Xenon Lamp (Q039E)
Magnets and DVDs and CDs (Q040E)
Demagnetizing Tools (Q041E)
TV Antenna Amplifie (Q042E)
NPN and PNP Transistors (Q043E)
Diodes in Parallel (Q044E)
110 V Incandescent Lamp Plugged to a 220 V Gri (Q045E)
Application that increases images (Q245E)
Transistor Tabs and Terminals (Q046E)
Different Batteries in a Set (Q047E)
Charge Beyond Normal Time (Q048E)
Cell Phone Charger as Power Supply (Q049E)
Diodes in serie (Q050E)