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Application that increases images (Q245E)


“I downloaded an application that is a telescope and the images obtained at the highest magnification are blurred. The same is true with a microscope I got from an application. Why is that?”


Applications that work with image enlargement make use of digital zoom, that is, they take the image obtained by the camera and select the portion that should be displayed on the screen, covering a larger area, thus giving the impression of its magnification, which does not occur. Only the same pixels are shown in a larger size. This causes the definition to be lost. The greater the magnification, the greater the loss of definition to the point that greater magnification compromises the sharpness. To get a magnification without loss of definition, an optical zoom must be used, that is, a set of lenses that is placed in front of the camera. On the internet we can find some of them at low cost and that can be easily adapted, as shown in the figure.


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