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Electrolytic Capacitors Voltages (Q035E)



“Can I use a 100 V electrolytic instead of a 25 V in an application? Besides the ability to withstand greater voltage, does it have any other influence in this case?”


Yes, it does. You can use an electrolytic capacitor with a voltage or slightly higher than that recommended in an application, but not much higher, because of tolerance, or because the component is available at that time. But you can not use a capacitor with voltage much higher than the one recommended, for one simple reason: in electrolytic Capacitors the capacitance depends on the voltage. Thus, when we use a capacitor of 100 uF x 100 V in a circuit in which it receives only 6 V, the capacitance it will present is smaller. How much will depend on the type and brand, but the fact is that this can compromise a more critical circuit. The reader must be aware of this.