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EL84 x 6BQ5 (Q101E)
Neon Lamp Consumption (Q102E)
Buying Batteries Correctly (Q103E)
Parallel Resistors - Heating (Q104E)
Series Resistors - Heating (Q105E)
Removing Acoustic Feedback (Q106E)
Higher Gain Transistor (Q107E)
Old Tubes (Q108E)
Turning Off SCRs (Q109E)
Weak tubes (Q110E)
4 or 8 ohm speakers (Q111E)
Tweeters and Capacitors (Q112E)
Leakage in Components (Q113E)
Time a capacitor can maintain its charge (Q114E)
Precision Resistors (Q118E)
Old Appliance Diagrams (Q119E)
Welding Toxicity (Q120E)
Tinned and Tinless Wires (Q121E)
Testing Electronic Ballasts (Q122E)
Using Bike Dynamos on Alternative Sources (Q123E)
Power Swing When I Turn on the Shower (Q124E)
Ground Bar (Q125E)
Dimmer on Amplifiers (Q127E)
1N4007 Diode replacing the 1N4002 (Q128E)
Testing Integrated Circuits (Q129E)
Direction Control For AC Motor (Q130E)
Shower Dimmer (Q131E)
AM FM Stereo Radio Mounting DU175S Q131E (Q132E)
IF Coils and Transformers (Q133E)
Changing a Coil to Increase Frequency (Q134E)
Distorted Sound When Powered By an External Source (Q135E)
Magnet Fields (Q136E)
Tube Literature (Q137E)
Maximum Current of a Transformer (Q138E)
Tube Courses (Q139E)
Incandescent Lamp Power (Q140E)
Power of a Speaker (Q141E)
More Power For FM Transmitters (Q142E)
Voltage Multiplier for 100 kV (Q143E)
Buy Projects (Q144E)
Recharging Common Cells (Q145E)
Cell Phone Interference (Q146E)
Metal forms for coils (Q147E)
LEDs in Alternating Current Circuits (Q148E)
AC Motor Speed Change (Q149E)
Power of an Amplifier (Q150E)
50 Hz to 60 Hz motor (Q151E)
Hearing Aids (Q152E)
Linear or Log (Q153E)
Oscillator For Digital Clock (Q154E)