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Connected Mobile Phone (Q156E)
Digital or Analog Multimeter (Q157E)
Transmitting 12V (Q158E)
LED or Neon Bulb (Q159E)
Digital Watch Running Wrong (Q160E)
Old Diodes (Q161E)
Humidity and Electronic Components (Q162E)
Old components in new devices (Q163E)
Old analog multimeter (Q164E)
Analog multimeter in digital circuits (Q165E)
Unmarked transistor (Q166E)
Board protection (Q167E)
Capacitor charge (Q168E)
Value Changing a capacitor value (Q169E)
Reseting Arduino (Q171E)
Higher voltage transformer (Q172E)
Higher current power supply (Q173E)
Multimeter sensitivity (Q174E)
20k or 22k (Q175E)
Power drain when off (Q176E)
Research Lab (Q177E)
Project Groups (Q178E)
Distorting Amplifier (Q179E)
UV Sterilizer (Q180E)
Danger of the ultraviolet (Q181E)
50 uF or 47 uF (Q182E)
Apartment greenhouse (Q183E)
Wearable galena (Q185E)
Circuit bench (Q186E)
Home electronics interference (Q188E)
Capacitor codes (Q190E)
Supercapacitors in filtering circuits (Q191E)
Old and modern operational amplifiers (Q192E)
Circuit supply voltage (Q193E)
LED color (Q194E)
LED as light sensor (Q195E)
Ultraviolet LED (Q196E)
Electrolytics in RF (Q197E)
Incandescent lamps (Q198E)
Signal Germanium Diodes (Q199E)
Scottky diode instead of a common diode (Q200E)
Testing diodes (Q201E)
Diodes leakage (Q202E)
Regulator LM350 or LM317 (Q203E)
Tube and integrated circuits (Q204E)
nd SMD Capacitors (Q205E)
Wearable radiation (Q206E)
Electric Kettle Radiation (Q207E)
Transforming Arduino (Q208E)
ain Change in a Project (Q209E)