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Dichroic Lamp Consumption (Q051E)
Soldering Gun (Q052E)
Abusive Use of the Solder Paste (Q053E)
Parallel Fuses (Q054E)
Mica Capacitors (Q055E)
Properties of Mica (Q056E)
ESD - Do not handle components (Q057E)
Noisy Transformer (Q058E)
Resistor Too Hot (Q059E)
Replacing and Burning (Q060E)
Intermittent fault (Q061E)
Conductive Sponge (Q062E)
Testing ICs (Q063E)
Protected Outlets (Q064E)
IC Suffix (Q065E)
Magnets and Analog Multimeters (Q066E)
Current in switches and outlets (Q067E)
9V Battery in Place of 6 Cells (Q068E)
Large Batteries x Small Batteries (Q069E)
Equivalence of Integrated Circuits (Q070E)
No Reach Wireless Remote Control (Q071E)
Difference between Black and Ultraviolet Light (Q072E)
Equivalence of Integrated Circuits (Q073E)
Stand-By Consumption (Q074E )
Batteries of Different Types on the Same Device (Q075E)
Reducing Voltages Without Transformer (Q076E)
Printed Circuit Board Protection (Q077E)
Voltage of Capacitors in AC Circuits (Q078E)
Two Diodes as a Transistor (Q079E)
High Power Tweeter (Q080E)
Tubes pinout (Q081E)
Transformer Heating (Q082E)
Batteries Charging Time (Q083E)
Germanium Transistors (Q084E)
Matched Transistors (Q085E)
Parallel Transistors (Q086E)
Twisted Pair Wire To Connect Speakers (Q087E)
Common Discrete x SMD (Q088E)
Transformers For Tubes (Q090E)
PNP or NPN - Which is the faster? (Q091E)
Relay Contact Association (Q092E)
Direct Drive on Drive Wheel (Q093E)
AM and Shortwave Antenna (Q094E)
Yellow or White Light (Q095E)
Paper and Oil Capacitors (Q096E)
Silver Spot on Tubes - Getter (Q097E)
Dual and Triple Electrolytic (Q098E)
Electric Charge on Cell Phone (Q298E)
Tube Heating (Q099E)
TIP31A, B or C (Q100E)