Author: Newton C. Braga

Published: August 1, 1998

Formato: Book and e-Book

Pages: 311



Though the science of electronics can be mysterious and confusing, there are a multitude of students, hobbyists, and basement experimenters who are fascinated with electronics. They may not have the high-tech expensive equipment, but they still want to explore and expand their knowledge of this ever-growing field. For those of you looking for a way to put your skills to work, we present Fun Projects for the Experimenter. Author Newton C. Braga, whose works have appeared in electronics magazines for over 20 years, has collected fifty of his most fun, easy-to-build, and practical projects for your enjoyment. Basic electronic principles and fundamentals are stressed. These projects are primarily stand-alone, low-cost, and with few components, intended for one evening of work. The components needed are listed along with schematics, and hints and questions about the circuits are included to stimulate your imagination regarding possible modifications and alternate use. Examples of the projects include and LED flasher, a mini-metronome, an electronic fishing lure, a micro FM transmitter, a touch switch, a wireless beeper, and a signal tracer. For hobbyists and students wanting to understand the basic principles of electronics, Fun Projects for the Experimenter will provide answers to many of your questions.


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