Cited in English literature as “skyquakes”, although in a more relaxed tone it could be named as “aerial earthquake”, these strange sounds seem to have an origin which we have already discussed in our article in which we speak of the brontophonic sound (ART400E).

The fact is that in these pandemic times, with much less circulation of people and also the reduction of air traffic, the world has become quieter and in many places people are beginning to notice a little more what is happening in the nature around them.

Even the observation of the sky started to occur in a more evident way, with the reduction of pollution and the need for people to stay at home and in conditions to be able to look up a little.

These days, a friend contacted me desperately, saying he was seeing strange objects in the sky and described the fact to me. "A row of lights walking neatly across the sky."

From the description, I had no doubts. I opened my “starlink” application and soon accessed the information that the SpaceX satellites, by the innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk, would be visible in our country and precisely at the time that my friend reported the fact to me.


Starlink satellites photographed in Brazil
Starlink satellites photographed in Brazil


But what about the "aerial earthquakes" which are causing strange noises in many parts of the world, heard as distant thunder, horns, humming in space and much more?


Strange Noises - Brontophonic Sound

In our article ART400E we observed that audible sounds can be produced from inaudible vibrations such as the passing of a heavy truck on the street, or a distant thunder, causing windows or even objects to vibrate emitting sound, as if the last ones were responsible by the it themselves. They are, in fact, re-emitting sounds in an energy conversion.


The Brontophonic sound

nature, we can give several sources of energy that would manifest themselves in the form of very low frequency vibrations and that could be converted, to the brontophonic effect, to forms of vibrations of higher frequencies.

For example, movements of tectonic plates, earthquakes and even atmospheric phenomena can cause the air to vibrate and thereby emit sounds whose the origin of which cannot be determined, as they would be produced as a whole, that is, in a large volume of the atmosphere.

In an article, we showed that after an earthquake in Mexico, lights were observed in the sky. They were due to discharges occurred because of the fact that the tectonic plates, rubbing against each other in the phenomenon, generated huge electrical charges which then caused the discharges with the emission of light.


Discharges after the Mexico earthquake - 2017 photo - See reference on the article
Discharges after the Mexico earthquake - 2017 photo - See reference on the article | Haga click en la imagen para ampliar |



The same way that light emissions by the corona effect can be obtained, the emission of sounds can also be generated.

Note that high voltage static discharges, such as those which could be generated with the most diverse effects on the earth and in the atmosphere, can cause air compression and decompression waves, that is, sounds.

Electrostatic speakers work in exactly this way. Intense electric fields cause the air to vibrate and reproduce the sound. Oscillating electrical discharges, such as those detected in storms in the form of very low frequency signals, could perfectly make the air vibrate and instead of thunder we would have infrasound sound fields or even propagating sounds.

In another article of ours, we also deal with the fact that infrasound, vibrations of very low frequencies (below 16 Hz), propagate through the soil very easily. Elephants tap their heavy paws on the ground producing vibrations which propagate from several kilometers away. Their huge ears give these animals the ability to hear infrasound. That is how they can communicate between herds, as has been seen in Africa.

As we cannot hear the infrasound, we depend on its conversion by the brontophonic effect, so that they become sounds and so we can hear these vibrations. They can scare many, but the explanations certainly exist and are perfectly associated with natural phenomena.




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