Maxim is presenting an interesting intelligent force sensor for applications ininterfaces, industrial control, IoT and others that depend only on the imagination of the designer. The device, available from Mouser Electronics (June 2016) sensory weight and strength, in addition to the center of mass of objects placed on a platform.

   The MAXREFDES82 is a development kit from Maxim that allows to develop projects force sensors based on the ADC MAX11254 and several other supporting components.

   The board has a 24-bit resolution through the converter used and the response to full scale reaches 780 g.



    The user interface provides the center of mass information on the platform, as well as the total weight measured.

   The system can also be used as a touch interface, sensing finger pressure as shown in the picture.




    The system drain less than 50 mA and is compact, making the acquisition of data at high speed.





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