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Microchip EQCO62X20 6.25Gbps Asymmetric Coax Equalizer

Microchip's EQCO62X20 6.25Gbps Asymmetric Coax Equalizer is a driver/equalizer chipset that forms a bidirectional, full-duplex communication link over a single coax cable. The EQCO62X20 chipset is designed to transport up to 6.25Gbps over the downlink channel and to transport 21Mbps over the uplink channel. The EQCO62R20 is designed to receive the downlink signal up to 6.25Gpbs and to transmit the uplink signal. Power can be transferred over the same cable via external inductors. The chipset is designed to work with several types of 75Ω coaxial cables, including legacy cables as well as thin, flexible lightweight cables.



  • Complies with the CoaXPress v1.1 camera standard
  • Supports up to 68 meters of cable at 6.25Gbps using high-quality coax
  • Supports up to 212 meters of cable at 1.25Gbps using high-quality coax
  • Single-Chip solutions for both the camera side and the frame grabber side, making a bidirectional connection over a single 75Ω coax cable
  • Full-Duplex, bidirectional data channel
  • Downlink speeds from 1.25Gbps up to 6.25Gbps; differential interfacing straightforward with internal termination resistors
  • Flexible, protocol agnostic uplink supporting up to 21Mbps, allowing nanoseconds precise triggering events driven by the frame grabber
  • Supports power distribution over the coax up to 90mA, powering the camera through the same coax transporting data signals
  • Low power consumption (<70mW, 1.2B supply)
  • 16-Pin, 0.65mm pin pitch, 4mm QFN package
  • Small PCB footprint for EQCO62R20 and off-chip components, with guaranteed RF performance
  • -40C to +85C industrial temperature range
  • PB-free and RoHS compliant



  • High-Definition/High-Bandwidth links to cameras
  • Machine vision for semiconductor chips and display panel inspection systems
  • Military, aerospace, medical application
  • Broadcast and surveillance camera systems
  • Traffic license plate and monitoring systems
  • High-Speed inspection systems for food Inspection, bottling inspection, panel inspection, etc
  • Any application requiring a single coax cable which carries power, video data and camera control stream



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