onsemi NCV7546 FLEXMOS™ Half-Bridge MOSFET Pre-Driver is a programmable, six-channel half-bridge MOSFET pre-driver optimized for driving logic-level NMOS FETs. The NCV7546 is controllable by a combination of serial SPI and CMOS-compatible parallel inputs. An internal power-on reset provides controlled power-up. A reset input allows external re-initialization, and a failsafe input enables the device to be safely disabled in the event of a system upset. Each channel independently monitors its external MOSFETs’ drain-source voltages for fault conditions. Overload detection thresholds are SPI-selectable, and the NCV7546 allows different detection thresholds for each channel. The onsemi NCV7546 FLEXMOS Half-Bridge MOSFET Pre-Driver is offered in a QFNW-50 package with wettable flanks for automatic optical inspection (AOI).

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