M5Stack BALA-C PLUS ESP32 Self-Balancing Robot Kit is a DIY dual-wheel self-balance kit that is based on ESP32 + STM32. This kit is compatible with UIFlow graphic programming IDE and incorporates a lightweight design with 360° servos. The BALA-C PLUS self-balancing robot kit maintains the balance with the help of MPU6886. This kit features an L9110S driver, STM32F030F4P6 slave, 0x38 I2C communication protocol, and detachable design for DIY. The BALA-C PLUS self-balancing robot kit includes 1x M5StickC PLUS, BALA-C base, wheels, wheel connectors, 9G servos, elastics, Hex key, 16340 battery, and 10cm Type-C cable.