TRACO Power TIB 240-124-BCMU is a 240W Battery Controller Module designed to turn existing AC/DC power converters into fully functional uninterruptible power supply solutions. TRACO Power TIB-BCMU is powered by an integrated microprocessor, the battery controller module ensures that the 24VDC connected lead-acid batteries maintain a full charge. The device performs periodic impedance measurements to alert the user in case of a rare battery failure or an accidental disconnection. During battery backup operation, the internal DC/DC power conversion stage keeps the output voltage constant. Battery terminals are protected with a user-serviceable 15A blade-type fuse. TRACO TIB-BCMU includes EN/IEC/UL 61010-1 certification for measurement, laboratory, and control equipment and EN 62040-1 for uninterruptible power supplies.

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