Maxwell Technologies AEC-Q200 Ultracapacitor Cells are an energy storage solution that supports trends in automotive applications, small UPS systems, consumer and industrial electronics, and medical equipment. The 2.7V 325F (BCAP0324 P270 S19), 2.7V 50F (BCAP0050 P270 S01/X01), and 3.0V 10F (BCAP0010 P300 X11) ultracapacitor cells have low ESR and high-power density among the medium and small cell family, which is designed for performance and system optimization in a long-life, small form factor. The Maxwell Technologies AEC-Q200 family of Ultracapacitor Cells is the technology of choice for high-energy and high-power applications because of its longer operating lifetime, low maintenance requirements, and superior cold-weather performance compared to batteries.

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