Abracon ADCR 2.7V Radial Super Capacitors utilize double-layer technology to achieve high energy and power densities. The combination of these two characteristics makes these super capacitors ideal for applications that require quick charge/dissipation or long lasting power output. The super capacitors are available in three variants: standard, extended temperature range, and low equivalent series resistance (ESR). The ADCR-E02R7S series has a 45mΩ to 280mΩ ESR range, while the ADCR-S02R7S and ADCR-T02R7S modules offer 30mΩ to 500mΩ. The temperature range is -40°C to +70°C with up to +85°C for the ADCR-T02R7S series. Abracon ADCR 2.7V Radial Super Capacitors are RoHS/RoHS II compliant. Applications include power assist circuits, power backup, micro energy storage, the Internet of Things (IoT) energy harvesting, real-time clock (RTC) systems, and more.

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