The STMicroelectronics STEVAL-IDB011V2 evaluation platform is intended for development and testing of BLUETOOTH® low-power applications using the low-power BlueNRG-LP on-chip system. The platform combines the BlueNRG-LP with inertial and environmental MEMS sensors, a digital MEMS microphone, multiple interface buttons and LEDs.


Figure 1 - The STEVAL-IDB011V2 evaluation board
Figure 1 - The STEVAL-IDB011V2 evaluation board | Clique na imagem para ampliar |



For the designers the BlueNRG-LP purpose is to provide a 64MHz core, 32bit Arm®Cortex®-M0+core, 256KB programmable flash memory, 64KB SRAM, an MPU and an extensive set of peripherals (6x PWM, 2x I2C , 2x SPI/I2S, SPI, USART, UART, PDM and 12-bit SAR ADC). The device complies with the Bluetooth® LE specification and supports simultaneous master, slave, and master and slave functions.

In addition, BlueNRG-LP features data length extension, 2Mbps, long range, extended alerting and scanning, periodic alerting, periodic alert synchronization transfer, LE L2CAP connection-oriented channel and LE power control and power loss monitoring. path.

The STM STEVAL-IDB011V2 evaluation platform offers flexibility in testing and developing complex applications through serial communication with a PC and three power options (USB only, battery only, external power supply).

The basic diagram is provided in figure 2.


Figure 2 - Basic diagram
Figure 2 - Basic diagram | Clique na imagem para ampliar |


In figure 3 shows connection examples with Arduino.


Figure 3 – Arduino connectors examples
Figure 3 – Arduino connectors examples



The board has sensors and LEDs. We can indicate MEMS sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope, temperature and pressure sensor, and digital microphone. Figure 4 shows how these resources are made available on the board.


Figure 4 - Platform sensors
Figure 4 - Platform sensors



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