Texas Instrument TMUX121 2-Channel 2:1 Analog Switch is a high-performance bi-directional 2-channel, 2:1 (SPDT) switch supporting differential and single-ended signals. The TMUX121 is an analog passive switch with power-off protection, forcing all I/O pins to be in high-impedance mode when power is not on the VDD pin. The select and enable pins of the TMUX121 are compatible with 1.8V and 3.3V control voltage, allowing them to be directly interfaced with the general purpose I/O (GPIO) from low voltage processors. This feature and the device's low on-resistance and low on-capacitance make the TMUX121 an excellent choice for supporting switching a wide range of digital and analog signals communication protocol standards, including high-speed standards such as I3C. The Texas Instruments TMUX121 comes in a small 10-pin UQFN package with only 1.8mm × 1.4mm, making it useful when the PCB area is limited.

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