STMicroelectronics LDH40 200mA Low Dropout LDO is developed to be directly connected to a car battery in automotive applications or to a generic battery in industrial applications. The LDH40 offers an extended input voltage of up to 40V to support a load dump transient in automotive systems. The device's ultra-low quiescent current featured at light load increases the battery operation lifetime in always-on-standby systems. The STMicro LDH40 is stabilized with a small ceramic capacitor on the input and output. An enable logic control function puts the LDH40 in shutdown mode, permitting a total current consumption lower than 0.3µA. Thermal protection is also included. The device is offered in an automotive grade, tiny footprint DFN package with a wettable flank. The footprint saves maximum space in the printed circuit board (PCB) design and automated optical inspection (AOI).

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