During all these years I work with electronics and the likes of it, I have received many consultations on various issues related to this science. As far as possible I have tried to help everyone, although this is not always possible. However, there are those questions that many of us have and we need to find the answer, which is not always easy.

The fact is that during all these years I collected a lot of questions and answers so that for me, because of the experience, it is much easier to find the solution to a small problem, answer questions on any circuit or even give an indication, than for those with less experience.

Not that I know more, but because I’ve collected a great amount of them over the working years. So in this section, I tried to comment those questions that I know that are not only from those who write. They are the doubts of many who I hope to help.


Have you got a technical problem? Ask Newton.

People have already me proposed to create a section with this name in the magazines where I collaborated, but of course, the amount of them would occupy so many pages that would end up being a section of the size of the magazine itself. And there are those questions I'm not able to solve.

The questions that I put in this section are those which I think is general and not particular problems that I am unable to solve. There are problems that not only require a long and laborious research work, they also do not meet all but a very specific case. I can not change a commercial design, for example, to serve the purpose of a reader.

I can not solve the malfunction of specific equipment, unless it is very obvious, without seeing and analyzing it. I can not take a change in an already made circuit to change its purpose unless it is very simple, without completely redoing the project. Of course, I'm always going to explain my limitations to those who write me, and those who send questions that definitely will be everybody’s I will put in this section.


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But the readers themselves can help ...

Many doubts and questions I do not know how to answer may already have appeared for other readers who have found the solution. Thus, these questions come in our section as an invitation to help someone. You can be helped and help anyone who has a problem. This is worth a lot not only for those who are helped, but for those who help, as it is our philosophy that our knowledge is not worth if it can not be used to help everyone.


Note: The questions unnamed that somebody sent me are those that remember one day somebody asked me, but I do not know who. Those which have name, are the latest, sent by readers.



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