“I am mounting a 2 A power supply. I intend to use rectifying 1N4002 diodes in parallel, as each one only supports a maximum current of 1 A. Can I do this without problems? I was told that connecting diodes in parallel requires some care.”


Yes, actually, connecting diodes in parallel requires care. Since two diodes of the same type are not exactly the same, they always have small differences, we can not guarantee that the 2 amps will evenly divide between them. One diode can be traversed by more than 1 A and the other by less. The first one will surely burn ... To ensure that the two diodes have the same current a procedure consists of connecting a resistor of 0.47 ohms in series with each one, but it is even better to use a single diode for a current greater like the 1N5402.




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