TV Antenna Amplifie (Q042E)


“Where I live the TV (analog - VHF) signals are very weak and some stations do not arrive, resulting in bad images or nothing. If I use an antenna amplifier (booster) will the reception improve?”


For a booster to work it must have what to amplify. If the signals are too weak to be on the same level as the noise (analog TV drizzle) the booster amplifies the two and you will have an image with amplified drizzle. If the signal does not arrive, there is nothing to amplify. So to ensure good reception, you must first use a good gain antenna, in the highest place you can install and free of obstacles to the signal. The booster should be placed next to the antenna and not near the TV, as it should amplify the signal that arrives at the antenna and not that which reaches the end of the wire, which has losses. If you still can not receive the VHF or UHF signals well the alternative is in the satellite system.




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