Premonition and Quantum Computation in the Brain (PN027E)

We have dealt with in our articles on the advances of science in relation to the phenomena that occur in our body, especially in our brains, which lead to speculation about many phenomena hitherto termed "paranormal". The advances continue and now in 2018 we have a new scale of extremely promising and at the same time scary discoveries about the possibility of quantum computers in our brain and even communication with other dimensions. See more in this article.

In a previous article (PN021E - Quantum Physics and Paranormality), we speculate about the existence of structures in our brain that could have a quantum behavior leading to the possibility of communications with dimensions predicted by theories, where our traditional physics does not work.

Since then, and this is a short time since the article is from 2018, we are living a series of interesting discoveries that indicate the possibility of actually having direct communication with other dimensions through natural computational structures in our brain.

A first possibility comes from the scientist Mathew Fisher who in an article published in the Annals of Physics proposed that the phosphorus atom spins in the connections of neurons of the brain could function as rudimentary qubits, which would lead us to speculate about the functioning of the brain like a quantum computer.

This theory is not new and has been demystified since 1989 when Roger Penrose proposed that mysterious structures of proteins called "microtubes" had something to do with the state of human consciousness operating directly through quantum effects.

In fact, scientists are increasingly associating quantum effects to certain processes that occur in living beings, showing that perhaps these properties we never notice in living nature around us are much more a rule than an exception.

We are therefore falling into a "quantum biology" or a Quantum Neuroscience.

Many evidences show that this is much more than a simple hypothesis and that many phenomena hitherto called "paranormal" can be perfectly explained by this new science.

Quantum effects were proposed in the explanation of photosynthesis and orientation of migratory birds which would use "quantum compasses" as proposed in some very serious articles from universities such as the University of California.

Other scientists such as Senthil Todadri from MIT who believes that there is an open link in this subject and he thinks the next step is to check if it can be closed.

We ourselves in some articles have proposed that the amount of neurons we have would not explain the processing power of our brain. The discovery that it may have an additional (and very large) processing capacity in the phosphorus atom spins of our neurons would lead one to consider that actually two computers: the one formed by our billions of neurons and the embedded quantum computer that would interface with it.





The research

Several researchers are currently working on finding something more about the possibility of quantum computing or quantum effects being present in living organisms.

Thus we have chemist Peter Hore from Oxford University working on the possibility that quantum effects influence the brain functioning of migratory birds. These effects would cause specific molecules to modify their behavior and thus the functioning of neurons.

Other researchers like Alexandra Olaya - Castro work on the possibility that quantum effects would be present in photosynthesis.


How computing would occur

When I worked in research in the Neuroanatomy laboratory of the then Paulista School of Medicine in São Paulo, we tried simply to reproduce the functioning of the human brain with simple electronic circuits.

But what we have learned from doing so has made us think of the possibility that more than just interactions between neurons would explain the enormous capacity of our brain. There is much more than simple interconnected circuits making us to learn, as experiments with the tortoise of Gray Walter shows.



   The Gray Walter’s  tortoise robot
The Gray Walter’s tortoise robot "learned" to leave a labyrinth (1948-1949)



But how does everything occur in the brain? Why can neurons be affected by quantum phenomena?

A neuron is not a simple logic key which drives impulses, or not ,by processing them as a common digital circuit. A neuron is much more than that.

When it receives a stimulus, its response depends on the intensity of that stimulus. If it fits within a range of values, it processes the signal, otherwise either negates the boost or inhibits.

This range is not static, but depends on what is called learning. Impulses of a certain value applied in a repetitive manner, move this range so that they are given preference in processing. This explains the learning.

The triggering ranges of the neurons are programmed by repetition so that in the set the response obtained is always the same for a given set of stimuli.

It is the repetitive learning that characterizes us.

However, what seems to occur that increases the possibility that quantum effects also influence this process is that the ages of action of the neurons determining their response would have influence of quantum effects.

Thus, not only learning and memory would determine how we respond to a given stimulus or how our brain behaves in a state of consciousness as well as quantum phenomena at the synapses.

Performing a parallel processing would explain why we do not always react exactly as expected to a problem or situation.

A critical problem that upsets the scientists who research on the subject is how the qubits of the quantum computer of our synapses would also communicate with each other to obtain a greater capacity of processing.

But this can go further.


Premonition and telepathy

An important news we received in this field came from the newatlas ( ) which deals with the possibility that the phenomenon of "déjà vu" has something to do with computing quantum which occurs in our brain.

According to scientists supernatural or paranormal explanations such as memory of the past, precognitive dreams, parallel universe could have explanations in the "quantum" behavior of our brain that would not only have quantum computation but also quantum communication.

It is speculated that we have not only access information from the past as well as from the future (remember that in the quantum world time itself behaves differently from our macro world).

In addition, brains could communicate inconspicuously among themselves, leading to states such as harmony or synchronism which occur in some cases. (see article "Mental Connections Reveal to Be Possible – BM054E).

Anyway, what is paranormal today, like many other phenomena, will not be tomorrow anymore.

I imagine that in the not too distant future we may have implanted chips that would make conscious access to a universal database containing information from the past (and the future) through quantum connections, a timeless and total kind of universal Google. Towards Transhumanism …




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