In the article Voices from Beyond or Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), we deal with a controversial subject which deals with the possibility of technological means being used by entities (that we don't really know what they are), they would be using it to try to communicate with us.

Edison himself claimed that the radio (a recent invention then) could be used to communicate with spirits.

The subject gave rise to an interesting area of ??research on paranormal phenomena, the Transcommunication that used electronic means to try to capture and record voices of unknown dimensions (?).

In 2001, we published a book in the United States that did not defend the phenomena but gave a series of practical circuits that could be used in its investigation.

We then remember that the idea is that the stochastic noise in the environment such as wind, rain or running water could be used to raise signals in our environment, inaudible under normal conditions, to a level that would allow them to be heard or recorded .

Likewise, background noise from analog radio reception (static or thermal noise) could be used for the same purpose.

Wouldn't the presence of this noise in the environment, or as we know injected into cell phone communications to make the conversation intelligible, have the same effect?

In fact, if the white noise was not present in mobile communications, it would be very unpleasant, giving the impression of interruption of communications between words.

Thus, we provide an additional means of researching these phenomena, perhaps with some type of application or even accessories that could be used in the cell phone output and even the attempt to make recordings with some type of sound signal generated on the cell phone itself.

The so-called brontophonic sound or effect that we explored in ART400E also counts, which deals with beat effects that can occur inside the human brain and that would eventually reveal unknown signals.

We leave it up to the imaginative and curious readers to create elements for a new and interesting research in the world of paranormal electronics.

And, if you have more questions, check out the articles in our Paranormal Electronics section.




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