In an article we wrote in the past, we dealt with the discovery of magnetic traces in cells of our brains, which seem to reveal that in the past we had sensory organs capable of orienting ourselves based on the earth's magnetic field.


This perhaps explains the ability that primitive peoples, who were nomads, had to guide themselves. A natural compass gave them this property which we see nowadays in carrier pigeons and some other animals capable of finding the course they want as a true natural GPS.


Figure 1 - Our brain has magnetic particles capable of interacting with an external field
Figure 1 - Our brain has magnetic particles capable of interacting with an external field



But perhaps this is not the only sense that man and perhaps other animals have lost due to lack of use. Recent research has revealed some very interesting facts. These facts could even be used for an eventual artificial recovery that would lead humans to have supernatural powers.


Who knows, some attributes of the Greek and Roman gods could be surely real in some people at the time, and after they were lost then became myths. Having recovered these sensory and even paranormal characteristics, they could take humans to a new level of behavior. We would become gods.


One of the main points that has been studied is precisely this capacity that we have lost (or that we still have unconsciously) to feel magnetic fields.


If recovered or brought to a condition that we become aware of, it could have some uses in technology devices. Guidance capacity itself would be one of them, but there is more.

In recent news, for example, researchers discovered new sensory organs in our skin which would be responsible for transmitting the sensation of heat to the brain. These structures had never been noticed before and can pave the way

to interpret how the human body perceives the heat around it.


Perhaps they would be organs that can sense infrared radiation, meaning that, in the same way, there may be some type of organ similar to radiation of other wavelengths.


Nowadays, the so-called phototherapy finds more and more applications never before imagined, like those obtained by the effects of blue light, that we have already explored in articles in this section, could be consolidated with the discovery of new types of sensors.


Figure 2 - Phototherapy is already explored in practice
Figure 2 - Phototherapy is already explored in practice



Another interesting subject, which has aroused discussions in many branches of research, is the discovery of structures in our nervous system which could perform quantum computing and even make communication in other dimensions.


Phenomena only speculated hitherto, as they are considered paranormal, may be entering the list of subjects in research of a medicine that more and more advances into fields not previously imagined and that open doors for technological applications.


Telepathy, dowsing and others can become real with the discovery of new senses which really exist but are only “lost” in our bodies and in other living beings.




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