NXP Semiconductors P3A9606 2-Channel Voltage Level Translator is a 2-bit, dual-supply translating transceiver with auto direction sensing. The P3A9606 is designed to enable bidirectional voltage level translation for traditional I2C-bus/SMBus and 12.5MHz I3C-bus applications. High-speed SPI applications are also supported when two devices are used. The P3A9606 features two 1-bit input-output ports (An and Bn), one Output Enable input (OE), and two supply pins (VCCA and VCCB). Both VCCA and VCCB can be supplied at any voltage between 0.72V and 1.98V, making the device suitable for translating between any of the low voltage nodes (0.8V, 1.2V, and 1.8V). VCCA must be ≤ VCCB to ensure proper operation.

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