TDK AFA Analog Output Pressure Sensors are suitable for applications with pressure ranges of 1 bar to 11 bar in an extended temperature range up to +125°C. The AFA components offer a 0.5V to 4.5V output signal at 5V proportional to pressure and the supply voltage (ratiometric). Based on piezoresistive MEMS technology, the AFA pressure sensors feature an integrated signal conditioner that compensates for non-linearity/temperature errors and supplies a precise calibrated, amplified output signal with high immunity against electromagnetic influences. The TDK AFA Analog Output Pressure Sensors provide short response times, high measuring accuracy, and overvoltage/reverse voltage protection. The easy-to-mount piezoresistive pressure transmitter features a robust stainless steel ø0.4mm pressure port with an M10 thread. The sensors are suitable for pressure measurement of non-freezing media such as fuel, diluted acids, or contaminated air.


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