Qorvo QPG6095 Smart Home Communications Controller

Qorvo QPG6095 Smart Home Communications Controller provides a fully integrated solution for ultra-low power wireless communications for Smart Home devices such as thermostats, motion sensors, smart plugs, keypads, and door/window sensors. It is compliant with the IEEE Standard 802.15.4 for Zigbee® and Thread, and the BLUETOOTH® Core Specification version 5.0 for Bluetooth Low Energy, providing robust spread spectrum data communication with a highly secure encrypted and authenticated data flow. For Zigbee communications, antenna diversity offers additional robustness in a crowded wireless 2.4GHz environment. The QPG6095 integrates a radio transceiver, integrated real-time Medium Access Control and Bluetooth Low Energy Controller, an Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller, RAM and Flash memory, security engine, and an event scheduler. The device also offers an extensive set of peripherals, including analog signal monitors and comparators. The integrated RF baluns and filters of the QPG6095 reduces RF design complexity. These features enable low-cost single-layer applications, the use of simple unshielded PCB antennas, and a minimum number of external components. The onboard Flash memory allows for software upgrades over the air.

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