Inolux IN-PI3727TBTPRPGPB RGB LED is a 3727 SMD-type LED with an integrated high-quality constant current IC and RGB LED chip. This LED features a built-in IC, with high precision of constant current and internal RGB chip's spectral processing in advance. The IN-PI3727TBTPRPGPB RGB LED comes in a 3.7mmx2.7mmx1.3mm size with a 3727 package size. Features also include a data transfer rate of 800kbp/s at 30 frames per second and single-line data transmission. The IN-PI3727TBTPRPGPB RGB LED operates at 5.2V forward voltage, 12mA forward current, and -45°C to 85°C operating temperature range. This LED is ideally used in full-color LED string lights, LED full-color modules, and LED guardrail tubes. The IN-PI3727TBTPRPGPB RGB LED features specific shaping transmit technology and cascading enhancement technology.

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