ABLIC S-19255 Low-dropout Regulator ICs are 5.5V input, 300mA, 125°C operation positive voltage regulator ICs with high-accuracy output voltage. These regulator ICs are developed using CMOS process technology and feature an 80dB high typical ripple rejection. The S-19255 regulator ICs offer a built-in overcurrent protection circuit to limit overcurrent of the output transistor and a built-in thermal shutdown circuit to limit heat. These regulator ICs come in two packages: the conventional small package SOT-23-5 and the super-small package HSNT-4(1010)B, which realizes higher-density mounting. The S-19255 regulator ICs are AEC-Q100 qualified, lead-free (Sn 100%), and halogen-free. Typical applications include automotive (engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, front sensing camera, car navigation system) and constant-voltage power supply for electrical applications for vehicle interior.

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