Allegro MicroSystems AHV85111 Self-Powered Isolated GaN FET Driver is designed to drive GaN FETs in multiple applications and topologies. The AHV85111 integrates an isolated dual positive/negative output bias supply, eliminating the requirement for any external gate drive auxiliary bias supply or high-side bootstrap. The bipolar output rails, with adjustable and regulated positive rail, improve dv/dt immunity, dramatically simplify the system design, and reduce EMI through decreased total common-mode (CM) capacitance. The Allegro AHV85111 Driver can power a floating switch in any location with a switching power topology. The device has a fast propagation delay and high peak source/sink capability to drive GaN FETs in high-frequency designs efficiently. The device is ideal in applications demanding isolation, level-shifting, or ground separation for noise immunity by implementing high CMTI combined with isolated outputs for both bias power and drive.

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