Power Integrations InnoSwitch5-Pro Flyback Switcher ICs achieve over 95% efficiency and feature zero voltage switching using advanced SR FET control. The high efficiency of these InnoSwitch5-Pro allows designers to eliminate heat sinks, spreaders, and potting material for thermal management, reducing size and manufacturing complexity. These switcher ICs feature robust 750V and 900V PowiGaN™ primary switch options, synchronous rectification driver, secondary-side sensing, and an integrated 3.6V supply for the external MCU. These ICs include a post-production tolerance offset, ensuring accurate output constant-current (CC) control of more than 2% to support the UFCS protocol. The InnoSwitch5-Pro Flyback Switcher IC is ideal for high-density USB PD 3.1 Extended Power Range (EPR), UFCS, and multi-protocol adapters.

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