Analog Devices Inc. DC3109A Evaluation Boards evaluate the LTC3306 3.3V to 1.2V, 1.7A, 2MHz synchronous step-down regulator in an 11mm2 solution. These evaluation boards come with an EMI filter to reduce noise in EMI emission tests and a transient circuit for load-transient evaluation. The DC3109A evaluation boards require a DC voltage source, an electronic load, and a multimeter to start the evaluation of the LTC3306 step-down regulators. The DC3109A-A board operates the LTC3306A in burst mode, while the DC3109A-C operates the LTC3306C in the forced-continuous mode for their respective demo-board-featured-IC operation modes. Typical applications include general-purpose, industrial, GSM supplies, distributed DC power systems (POL), FPGA, ASIC, and µP core supplies.

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