FOX is a new building automation system from F&F. Thanks to the products in this series, you can create an intuitive, remotely controlled system in your home or office. The system works on the basis of a local Wi-Fi network or an F&F cloud, but devices can also be controlled in a more traditional way, by using buttons on the wall, without a wireless network connection (e.g. in case of router failure).

The FOX series also includes a free app for the configuration and control of system components. It is available from Google Play and the App Store, i.e. for Android devices and for Apple’s iPhones. An unquestionable advantage of the products from the FOX family is their optional integration with Google voice assistant (Google Home), which makes it possible to control individual devices using voice commands.

The FOX series in the TME catalogue consists of 17 products. The first one is a dimmer for light bulbs (230 V AC), which has an output power of up to 180 W ‒ it can operate as a simple switch or in dimmer mode. A LED driver (12/24 V DC) with two independent channels (each up to 4 A) performs a similar function. The F&F assortment also includes a related driver for RGBW LED strips ‒ you can use the app to adjust the brightness of the lighting, as well as its colour. In the FOX series, you can also find power switches, which you can use for remote switching of any device drawing up to 5 A or 10 A (depending on the model). A relay variant that simultaneously monitors the parameters of the power network is quite an interesting product (the components whose main function is to measure current in circuits are described below). In addition, the manufacturer offers controllers for blinds and gates motors adapted to control the majority of actuators available on the market.







Thanks to the IP65 enclosure and cable glands, the controller can be installed outdoors.


Most of the products presented here are designed for mounting in junction boxes with a diameter of 60 mm. This is a standard, flush-mounted socket enclosure, which means that FOX devices can be used to modernise already existing electrical systems. It should also be noted here that some of the products are IP65 rated (i.e. splash- and precipitation-proof) and have pre-installed glands for connection cables, making them suitable for use in harsh environments, e.g. outdoors, for controlling garden lighting.



















Recently, the FOX range in the TME catalogue has been extended to include power consumption monitors. These are modules installed in a switchbox, on a DIN rail. The transformers attached to them are used for non-invasive measurement of the current in the conductors supplying individual circuits. As a result, you are able to see via the app how much energy is being consumed by each circuit. Such knowledge can lead to significant savings, but will also be important when estimating the performance of renewable energy systems.



Communication protocol



2.4 GHz

IP rating*

IP20 or IP65

Supply voltage*

from 9 V to 30 V DC or from 85 V to 265 V AC

Power consumption*

from 1.5 W to 2.2 W


screw terminals or spring clamps

Number of channels*

1, 2 or 4



N° of component