“I was told that for batteries to last longer they should be stored in the refrigerators. It is true?”


The storage temperature of the batteries influences how long they hold their charges before they are used. Thus, storing batteries in hot or sun-bathing places can mean a rapid loss of charge. It is common to see in bakeries, bars and other places that sell batteries these exposed in places that take sun. It is common for the sun to knock directly on the batteries for sale in bakery boxes, as we have often witnessed. The result can not be otherwise. Buying these batteries you may have the surprise that it comes partially or totally discharged. Ordinary batteries should be stored in cool places away from direct sunlight. When you buy batteries, you should see where the batteries are stored so as not to have unpleasant surprises. Of course, it is not enough to store the batteries in refrigerators. It is not in the wire section that we find batteries in supermarkets ...


Although the batteries do not have an expiration date, it would be interesting to adopt this practice since it is known that the average storage time of a battery before it starts to lose its load quickly is around 8 months, according to some manufacturers.



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