“I have a sound system that I use at parties, amphitheatres and shows. However, the sound quality when I speak is not good. People complain that you do not understand what you are talking about. The system has mid, bass and treble controls. Does adjusting these controls have anything to do with the problem?”


Yes, adjusting the equalization is very important in these cases. In them we have seen incorrect adjustments that affect the quality of the sound, especially when people speak in the microphone. What occurs is that the human voice has most of its components in the spectrum of medium frequencies. Thus, to improve the intelligibility of the word, the means must be emphasized by reducing (attenuating) the bass and the treble. In this way, it is better understood what is spoken in the microphone. On the other hand, the music has a different spectrum and depending on the instruments you can highlight one or the other, increasing the treble in the case of flutes and violins or increasing the bass to the bass. The setting for each type of use is important. The bass, mid and treble controls as well as the graphic equalizers were made for this.




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