Renesas Electronics RAA2S425x Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioners are optimized for use in automotive pressure sensing systems. The RAA2S425x devices provide highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of signals in automotive xEV, EV, and FCEV pressure-sensing braking, transmission, and HVAC systems. The RAA2S425x ICs feature high integration and advanced digital and analog functionality that significantly ease the design cycle and reduce system BOM and production costs. The RAA2S425x ICs support all major pressure sensing technologies and feature a high-performance analog front-end (AFE) for enhanced signal conditioning. These devices offer extended analog sensor offset compensation (XSOC), adjustable to nearly all resistive bridges. The RAA2S425x ICs deliver pressure and temperature readings with high accuracy (0.35% to 1.0%) over a wide -40°C to 150°C temperature range.


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