Murata Electronics PicoBK™ MYRGP-WB-RF/RC Mini DC-DC Converters offer a 600mA output current, 1.8V to 6V input voltage range, and 3MHz oscillation frequency rating. These converters integrate an inductor and a control IC in one tiny package and include a 0.42Ω P-channel driver transistor and 0.52Ω N-channel switching transistor. In operation mode, the MYRGP-W series is PWM control, while the MYRGP-B series is automatic PWM/PFM switching control. MYRGP-x-RF/RC converters integrate the CL auto discharge function, which enables the electric charge stored at the output capacitor CL to be discharged via the internal auto-discharge located between the Lx and Vss pins. Murata Electronics PicoBK MYRGP-WB-RF/RC DC-DC Converters are ideal for BLUETOOTH® headsets, mobile phones, portable game consoles, and digital cameras.


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