Texas Instruments TPS62851x Step-Down Converters are a family of pin-to-pin 0.5A, 1A, 2A (continuous), and 3A (peak) high-efficiency, synchronous, easy-to-use, step-down DC/DC converters. These devices are based on a peak current mode control topology. The low resistive switches allow up to 2A continuous output current and 3A peak current. The switching frequency is internally fixed at 2.25MHz and can also be synchronized to an external clock from 1.8MHz to 4MHz. In PWM/PFM mode, the TPS62851x automatically enters power save mode at light loads to maintain high efficiency across the whole load range. The TPS62851x provides a 1% output voltage accuracy in PWM mode, which helps design a power supply with high output voltage accuracy. The SS/TR pin allows setting the start-up time or tracking the output voltage to an external source, which allows external sequencing of different supply rails and limits the inrush current during start-up.


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