STMicroelectronics VIPerGaN100 Offline High Voltage Converter is designed for medium power quasi-resonant ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching at switch turn-on) flyback converters. It can provide an output power of up to 75W wide range, 100W in the European range, or with a PFC in the front end. The device integrates a complete set of features that provide an extremely flexible and easy-to-use chip and helps to design a highly efficient offline power supply. The ZVS quasi-resonant operation with the dynamic blanking time feature and the valley synchronization function turns on the power switch always at the valley of the drain resonance. It also maximizes the overall efficiency at any input line and load condition and reduces switching losses. The advanced power management with low quiescent helps to achieve low standby consumptions. The feed-forward compensation minimizes the maximum output peak power variation over the entire input voltage range.

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